i'm unashamedly feeding on the faux sense of achievement games give me

and i'm obnoxiously obsessed with anime

i have an about me page, shh.

currently watching:penny dreadful, vikings s2, knights of sidonia, orphan black s2

currently playing on ps3: god of war

Dragon Age 2 companion color symbolism [ 1 / 3 ]
(based off this)

Video Game Meme / Five Heartwarming Moments [2/5] → 
Saving the Destiny Ascension


r u from europe because europiece of shit


why couldn’t i be born with an older brother who is my best friend and has hot friends that flirt with me and drives me places like mcdonalds when im sad and punches rude boys in the face for me.




A vampire masturbating in front of a mirror

Bet you didn’t see that coming

son of a bitch


Face Adoration 

↳ Regina Mills→ The New Neverland

villains weekfavorite villain
↳ hades

ME1 Shenko appreciation post

Freddie Prinze Jr. as Iron Bull [x]


enough about sex positions has anyone discovered a reading position which doesn’t get uncomfortable after 5 minutes

The Vale of Tears Ω Hatter’s Domain


Her name is Chloe Luella and she thinks everything is the worst thing.

Photos/captions by ©Chloe Luella

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